There are many benefits to yoga that include reducing stress, enhance all-round body mobility, improve posture, flexibility, strength, weight loss, increases energy and enhancing mindfulness.    

Tailored yoga to your own specific needs 

It’s important to have tailored practices when it comes to yoga as everyone is different ranging from body types, medical history, current physical mobility and motivation. My service covers a full consultation to carefully selected techniques and style that is tailor to suit anyone to get the most of our your practice. 

Traditional styles of yoga and modern practices

My approach will cover traditional practices and philosophies to support you understand the theory of practice, whilst infused with a modern fusion of other fitness methods to enhance your practice.

Medical background

I work with many injuries and limitations through my Chinese medicine therapy work and my practice will specifically be adapted and modified to factor safety preventing further injuries. With my approach to movement, I aim to enhance your physical body and improve on any past injuries. I also pull knowledge of body energetic, internal organ theory to support you to attain optimal health external and internal body.