My Vision

Why am i teaching?

As holistic health practitioner i come across many people in my profession on a daily basis that require movement based therapy help them achieve optimum health. Often I get to a point with our treatments that require the usage of the physical body to enable the effects of the treatment to continue. Many health conditions stem from lack of proper and regular use of the physical body. Therefore if i can provide a stepping stone to assist people to gain their confidence back to move and be active regularly. i believe they wont need seek continuous assistance from health practitioners and often medication. In my experience as a therapist it is always better to prevent than to cure health issues.

In this modern world that we live in, exercise and movement for many has become a rare routine. Many people used to be active when they were younger and simply got busy, or maybe became unmotivated after series of life events. I understand when supporting people during my treatments that it is often difficult for them to suddenly incorporate movement and exercises in their weekly routine, and for many it can be daunting going to the gym or starting a new fitness idea.

My aim of my practice is to provide knowledge and awareness and discover of ones own body, to empower people to be aware of current limitations and work with them to give them the confidence to take the next step on their journey. For some maybe they will gain the confidence to join a gym or take regular classes elsewhere, some may simply want to improve their techniques, body strength or flexibility or even lose weight. Others may want a person that can encourage them to seek healthier routines, choices and motivation for them to continue self maintenance on their path of optimal health. My personal goal is to be able to inspire people to become fit and healthy, i gain so much satisfaction from knowing that i have been able to contribute to making someones life just that bit better.