Akuen Yoga - photo of Sif Sigurdardottir

"I love the story at the beginning, melted me inside. I was a little nervous before your practice because I thought you was going to slay us. But I thought it was so much fun even though I worked out, still very fun and light. I was so stressed so I think it was a perfect way to end the day. Bringing back ourselves being joyful and not so serious about life. I really enjoyed it!"

Sif Sigurdardottir

"I thought it was amazing and very inclusive, I think the class made everyone feel like they can do all the poses that you suggested. Maybe because the props and you showing us what to do and how to use them. For example the crow pose, that silly bird is killing me and I’ve been trying to do it all my life, and now with the props I feel like I can do it more often. It was also like a discovery class now I can do the shoulder stand and it was very inclusive. I think this was the first time i complained about shavasana as want more, so you can tell i was having so much fun. When shavasana came i was like “already? Noo!” I loved it! thank you"

Veronica Araujo

"I’m glad to hear that you want to be a personal trainer because the whole time during your class, i thought you should just skip the yoga class and just personal train. Because I was you to be my trainer. So I thought it was soo much fun and I loved every minute of it. It’s such a welcome change to all the traditional stuff I’ve been doing."

Kate Metcalf

"I like your class very very much and it was awesome. I thought the practice was spiritual though you said that you often neglect that in your classes, so I thought it worked really well. I loved the sequence and having difference parts, and I felt really really taken care of. I felt like someone is watching me if I’m aligning right, because normally I just don’t know. I really like your positive nature and there was a lot of fun in your practice. So I think you are made to teach"

Ariela Ramici

"I really really enjoyed the session, it was the first time i have been able to hold shoulder stand for that long, so thank you."

Ragnheiour Braga Geirsdottir

"Wow you definitely have it in you to be a leader, to be a teacher to instruct us with technique which is super important, because I’m very technical. I love all the technical elements you teach, sometimes i found that it lacked some of the breathing ques, but I learnt with your class that I can be open and flexible, and mixing styles of yoga, plus calisthenic make it a lot of fun. I love the prop base elements in the practice because it’s my first experience of it, coming from a Bikram and Ashtanga Vinyasa background and I haven’t done anything but that. But I felt that it gave me the safety factor which is hard in a big class. Even in a big class you had everyone under control, wow you killed it, nailed it!"

Lucy Delmar

"I love the class and its actually inspired me to find a studio that teaches like that. The alignment i really want to work on that, how you use more props. I also like the acupuncture points that you used during shavasana at the end i just felt my body go “mmmmmm” and then when you did the other side the same thing happened so i like that a lot."


"The session had such a great vibe, even though everyone in the class was so exhausted from the day already, you picked up everyone’s energy levels up and got them to be energetic and gave people so much energy at the end, it was such an achievement. Well done!"

Sherada VM

"I call it an eclectic yoga workout because it has all these nice components and it came together and you were able to hold the space. You invited people to engage and interact during your class and therefore you must be able to hold that space, you did really well to hold that space. I notice that you have a lot of knowledge that you bring together. Telling a story was super nice during your class. I like the prop based sections, its such a nice way of learning, it teaches people how align and engage and feel their own bodies and their capabilities. I like the fact that you will work one to one with clients so that you can really specify what to work on. I would like to see you specialise in Yin yoga with you back ground as it fits so well. But do take this out and bring it to the world, because you are such an engaging person and have so much knowledge, and it deserves to be heard, seen, felt and everything

Astrid Van Zon