Who am I

My name is Ken O’Shea-Poon and I’m a medical health practitioner base in Broughton Milton Keynes. Aside from being a yoga instructor I’m also a traditional Chinese medical practitioner. I first discovered yoga myself 2015 where I started practicing Ashtanga vinyasa. I completed my teachers training course in Thailand with One Yoga studio based in Koh Phangan.  

I practice Raga Yoga which is a style that follows the practice of the Patanjali sutra committing oneself to a union towards a wider self and the universe, following the eight limbs of Patanjali sutra listed below.

  1. Yamas: Ahimsa (non violence, non harming to others and living beings), Satya (non lying), Asetya (non stealing), Brahmacarya (sexual constraint) and Aparigarha (non possessiveness) 
  2. Niyama: Shaucha (purity, clear mind, body and speech), Santosha (contentment and acceptance of others, optimism), Tapas (persistence and perseverance, setting healthy goals), Svadhyaya (Self reflection, self thoughts and action), Ishvarapranidhana (contemplation or true self and higher being, unchanging reality)   
  3. Asana: Yoga poses that can be held for long time being steady and comfortable and often motionless. Posture that can strengthen relaxation and aid in mediation.
  4. Pranayama: Practice of breathing techniques that control the regulation of inhalation and exhalation through deep and short and also duration. Often suspending breathing and holding chakra points to sublimate prana (energy).
  5. Pratyahara: retraction of sensory experience from external objects. Closing ones mind to the sensory world and empowers one to not be powers by the sensory world around us.
  6. Dharana: Holding one mind to an inner state to focus one thing e.g. mantra, breath, focused body part, or concept of thought.  The focus is without drifting or jumping to another topic.
  7. Dhyana: State of mind of reflecting and contemplation on what ever Dharana was focused on. Applying non judgemental and presumptuous observation toward that idea. An uninterrupted train of thought and flow of awareness.  
  8. Samadhi: Oneness, the absolute union and harmonious wholeness with the higher universe.  The highest spiritual state that one becomes everything and everything is within ourselves.     

I’m currently working towards my six years of training in Iyengar yoga to hopefully deliver this specific style of yoga. I’m currently studying under the tutelage of Moha Wong of Iwellbeing. I have a great deal of appreciation for Iyengar style as it has a very precise alignment and method to enable the students to safely and accurately preform asana poses.  

Aside from my yoga practice, i do like to stay healthy an active. Some of the other sports i do regularly include running, obstacle running, wall climbing, gymnastic, parkour, snow boarding, calisthenics(body weight exercise) and HIIT training. I would set myself target to complete a couple half or a full marathon per year. Though I wouldn’t class myself as a thrill seeker, I will set myself a new challenge to try at least 1-2 new sports or activities to keep discovering new ways of challenging my mindset and body in order to boost my experiences of this world.

My Background In Chinese Medicine

I have a deep appreciation of Chinese tradition and culture whilst also understanding Western medical practice. I have a first class Bachelors Degree Honors in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Middlesex University. This includes academic study in both Western and Chinese medicine and clinical practice. I have worked in a number of NHS establishments including Whittington Hospital, Royal Free Hospital, North Middlesex Hospital, and Soho NHS clinic. Private clinics include Asante clinic, Archway and Haverstock Hill clinic in London. I have also carried out a placement in China within the First People’s Hospital in Changzhou. I’m qualified as a Tui na practitioner and have knowledge of Aromatherapy. I use a unique fusion  Tui na massage combined with aromatherapy, using carefully selected essential oils to enhance the physical and psychological effects of massage.  To complement my acupuncture treatment, I also practice moxibustion, electro-acupuncture, cupping therapy and gua sha techniques. I also prescribe Chinese herbal medicine to deal with a wide range of aliments that can be more suitable treatment for certain conditions.

Personal Life

I love to travel and go sight seeing, some of my favorite places that I have been to include: Japan, Iceland, Hong Kong, and various places in Europe. I frequently have breaks in the UK also, which is pretty much anywhere that I can take my little dog Inuki. People know me to be obsessed with my Shiba Inu puppy: Inuki. She is essentially my baby girl and goes wherever i go. If you would like to meet her during a visit, please let me know…Inuki loves meeting my clients. I’m also one of those people that have always got projects on the go. I do a lot of DIY projects at home, and i’m constantly decorating something or building something.  In my spare time I also learn to play music. I have started learning the harp and Chinese Zither (Guzheng) and its become my pride and joy to learn such a wonderful instruments.

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